Save the document to Microsoft Word


You can export the scanned pages to a Microsoft Word 2007 document (a file with the .docx extension).

When saving to Microsoft Word, ScanPapyrus does not OCR images but simply inserts scanned pages as images. For each scanned page, a separate page will be created in the Word document, and the image will be inserted at the center of the page.

The “Export to Microsoft Word” dialog box consists of the following items:

  • The output file selection field.

    To select an output Word file, click the green field or the three-dots button. To the left of the green field, you can see a button with an empty caption. Clicking that button will reset the file selection field.

  • If you check the Open the newly created Word document, the created .docx file will be opened in Microsoft Word 2007 or higher (provided that it is installed in your system).

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