ScanPapyrus - Book Scanning


To start the automatic book scanning, click the Auto Scan toolbar button. A scanning wizard will open.

In the wizard’s window, set the time interval between scanning each pair of facing pages. The processing of facing pages (image adjustment and the splitting of facing pages) takes a little time. You can usually set the time interval at 3–5 seconds, so that you have enough time to turn the page. You can leave the scanner’s lid open as ScanPapyrus will remove any black stripes automatically.

Scan the first page immediately (without waiting) means that scanning will start automatically as soon as you click the Next button. If this checkbox is unchecked, scanning will start after the specified time expires.

Split the book spread into two pages is the most important option when scanning a book. If this checkbox is checked, ScanPapyrus will automatically split facing pages into single pages. Otherwise the application will treat the scanned image as a single document page.

Check the Split the book spread... checkbox, put an open book into the scanner, and click the Next button. The facing pages will be scanned.

Then the application will start the timer, giving you time to turn the page. You can stop the timer by clicking the Stop button. After scanning the book, click the Finish button. You can start scanning without waiting for the timer to expire by clicking the Scan button.

As a result, you will have a scanned book, which can be saved as a PDF or Microsoft Word document.

See also: Document Scanning