ScanPapyrus Translation

Translate the ScanPapyrus to your language and get a free lifetime license!


Now the program supports following languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Turkish, Polish, Estonian, Russian, Belarusian, Slovenian, Armenian, Czech, Swedish, Finnish, Hungarian, Arabic.

We need the following languages: Greek, Japanese, Norwegian, Korean.


Free License

If you translate the program to any of these languages, you'll get a free license. This license is fully functional and remains valid without any time limitations.

Translation File

To translate the program to your language download the plain-text file ScanPapyrus_en.txt. You can edit this file using any text editor like Notepad, Notepad+, Akelpad, etc.
The file contains lines for translation. Each line has an ID like [0000053B] and a text for translation in quotes. The translation must be written inside quotes. Don't remove quotes and don't paste spaces after them.

Some lines contain special characters: for example, %1, %2, or HTML tags. These special characters must be kept in the translation.
The translation file must be saved in the UTF-8 encoding.
Send the translated file to the email and subject ScanPapyrus Translation. After that, we will send you a free license for the program.

Download Source File



How to correct existing translation

If you want to correct an error in the existing translation you need to use the special translation software Qt Linguist. You can download it from our site.
The next step is download a translation file *.ts. You can find the *.ts files in the table on the right-side.
Download needed file, for example, ScanPapyrus_de.ts for German, correct it using the Qt Linguist and send us to We will include the corrected file to the next release.