• Scanning documents to PDF

    Powerful Scanning Software!

    ScanPapyrus lets you quickly and effortlessly scan any paper documents, books, manuals or magazines.

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  • Scanning books to DjVu

    Need to scan
    over 10 sheets?

    The Automatic Scan mode makes the paper-document scanning process quick and efficient.

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  • High Quality Scanning

    Boost your scan quality!

    ScanPapyrus automatically enhances scanned pages by increasing contrast and whiteness, removing sloppy edges, deskewing pages, cropping unnecessary fields and much more.

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Scan Papers into Files

ScanPapyrus lets you scan paper media, including documents, books, journals and magazines. Save the images to a multipage PDF, DjVu, TIFF, Microsoft Word file or to multiple JPEG, TIFF, PNG or BMP files.


ScanPapyrus can start scanning each page automatically at a specified time interval. Between every scan you can turn the page of a book or flip to the next page of your document in the scanner.


ScanPapyrus uses an intelligent algorithm to split a book spread into two separate pages. It’s quick, easy . . . and automatic!


ScanPapyrus can automatically adjust the resulting image by increasing the sharpness, deskewing pages, removing gray background, cropping the image and removing the black stripes produced by the scanner when its lid isn’t fully closed.


ScanPapyrus can open any PDF or DjVu file and extract all its pages as images. You can edit the extracted images and save them to a PDF file.

Why ScanPapyrus?

We have developed ScanPapyrus to make scanning quick and hassle-free.

Automatic Scanning

Scan pages without turning away from the scanner! Even if you need to scan 10, 20 or 100 pages of a document or a book, ScanPapyrus will help with the process. Simply specify the time interval after which the program should start scanning the next page. You can use the time to change the page in the scanner, and the program will automatically start scanning it. You won’t have to turn from the scanner to the computer, so you’ll finish scanning sooner.

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Book Scanning

Create high-quality electronic books twice as fast! It’s no longer necessary to scan every page of the book separately. Now you can scan whole book spreads, and ScanPapyrus will automatically split the image into two pages! One scan will get you two pages at once in your PDF or DjVu file!

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Smart Image Processing

The smart automatic processing of images enhances the quality and speed of scanning. What if you’ve poorly positioned a document on the scanner? Don’t worry, because ScanPapyrus will straighten the image. What if you forget to close the lid of the scanner? No problem. ScanPapyrus will remove the black areas along the edges of the document. Moreover, the program will increase sharpness, adjust contrast, crop unneeded margins and convert the gray background to white.

Editing PDF or DjVu

Do you need to change an existing PDF or DjVu file? Or maybe you want to add pages to a PDF file, change the page order, remove some pages, or edit pages to improve their quality? ScanPapyrus allows you to do all these things. You can open a PDF file, extract its pages as images, edit the extracted images, and then save them to a new PDF file.

Extended Scanning

Automatic selection of paper source for scanners equipped with an automatic document feeder (ADF). If a feeder contains a paper then ScanPapyrus uses it for scanning, else uses a platen (glass).
Also: supports duplex scanning, deskewing pages, cropping unnecessary fields, increasing contrast and whiteness.

Multipage TIFF files

ScanPapyrus can create a multipage TIFF file from scanned pages. Pages can be compressed by one of the algorithms: LZW, RLE, JPEG, CCITT Group 4 Fax. Of course, you will be able to save separate TIFF files.

Multilingual User Interface

ScanPapyrus supports a variety of languages: English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Chinese, Turkish, Polish, Russian, Armenian, Czech, Finnish, Hungarian and Arabic!

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Free Trial Period!

You can use ScanPapyrus for free for 30 days.


ScanPapyrus supports all kinds of flatbed scanners and multifunction devices, such as Epson, Canon, Hewlett-Packard, Brother, Samsung, Xerox and Mustek.
List of tested scanners


ScanPapyrus works under Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10.
It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.


ScanPapyrus does NOT install an additional toolbar on your computer, nor does it change the home page in your browser or perform any other malicious operation. We tested the software using the service at virustotal.com, and it confirmed that the program contained no virus or other malicious code.


ScanPapyrus installs very easily, in the same way you’d install any other software for Windows.
Installation Guide

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  • The license is issued to one user. You can use the software on all your computers, provided that only you and the members of your family use the software.

Business License

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  • Unlimited Users
  • The license is issued to the company.
    Any employee of the company can use the software on his or her computer in the company’s office.

Questions about Registration


ScanPapyrus is easy to purchase, thanks to multiple payment options such as Visa/Mastercard, PayPal, American Express, Diners Club Card, Discover/Novus and JCB Card.


License keys are delivered electronically to your e-mail address. Once you make your purchase, the key is delivered automatically within several minutes.


The license remains valid without any time limitations. The license key is valid for all future versions of the program.


Registered users get technical support via e-mail, Skype or phone. Also, technical support may be rendered by means of the remote desktop with the help of TeamViewer software.

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