How to read PDF on a mobile phone or Android tablet

Once you have successfully scanned a book or a document to PDF, you can read it anywhere on a mobile device such as a PC, tablet or a smartphone. It’s very simple with the desktop computer, as there are many programs for the viewing of PDF, namely Adobe Reader. Sometimes, though, you might want to go mobile and read that PDF from your phone or tablet PC.

First of all, you should upload the PDF file to the tablet. You can use cloud storage services like DropBox for that. You should upload the file to the DropBox cloud from your computer, and then synchronize from your tablet. Synchronization is usually automatic, because DropBox constantly tracks fro changes in the cloud.

Alternatively, you can plug the tablet directly to your computer with a USB cable. If connected this way, a tablet should ask whether you want to enable the disk storage of the device. Answer “Yes” and the tablet effectively turns to a big flash drive then providing you with both the inner memory of the tablet and the external SD card. Copy the document you need to the My Favorite folder. Then, you can plug off the device from the computer.

So, the document is on the tablet. Now you need some PDF reader. One of the best options here is FBReader. You can install it form Google Play. By default, FBReader fluently reads fb2, txt,... files, but to read PDF files it needs a separate plugin. You can also find it on Google Play. After installing this plugin you can effortlessly read any PDF files.

FBReader is handy indeed. Here is a brief description of its features.
1) Intuitive brightness control with a swipe along the left side of the screen.
2) There are three ways you can turn pages: using hardware volume control buttons, swiping left or right or tapping the left or the right corner of the screen to turn forward and back.
3) Scaling can be done with a pinch gesture, just like with images.
4) Auto screen rotation is handy when you need to read wide pages of a PDF document.

This way you can work with PDF documents on your tablet. Use ScanPapyrus to create a PDF, Adobe Reader to read the document under Windows or FBReader to read it on an Android smartphone or tablet.