Scanner software for quick scanning of documents, books, or printed photos

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Scan documents quickly

With this scanner software, you can scan a document without moving back and forth between the scanner and the computer.

Do you need to scan 10, 20, or 100 pages and save the scanned document to PDF? ScanPapyrus can help you do it more quickly and easily! Just set the time interval for ScanPapyrus to wait, before it scans the next page. In that time, you can turn the book page or change the document page on the scanner, and it will automatically scan the next page.

Thanks to the batch scanning mode, you can stay beside the scanner while scanning a document or book. It means you can finish the whole job faster! Learn more about the batch scanning of documents to PDF...

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Scan books properly

With ScanPapyrus, you can scan two pages at once. This means you can create high-quality digital copies of your books in half the time! Now you don’t need to scan each book page separately. Just scan a book spread, and the scanning software will automatically split the scanned image into two pages.

It means you will get two pages for a PDF or DjVu file in one scanning pass! Scanning a book is easier than you think...

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Get high-quality scans

You can both improve scan quality and scan documents more quickly! Was the page placed crooked on the scanner glass? ScanPapyrus will automatically deskew the scanned image. Is the scanner lid ajar? ScanPapyrus can easily remove the black strips around the edge of each scanned image. It can increase the text sharpness, automatically adjust the contrast, cut off the unnecessary edges, and clean up a grayish page background by replacing it with a white one.

Also you can use your scanner’s automatic document feeder (ADF) to quickly scan a stack of paper. The scanner software can automatically select the paper source for a scanner which has an ADF. If one or more sheets have been loaded into the feeder, it will scan using the ADF; otherwise, it will scan the sheet on the scanner glass. ScanPapyrus also supports duplex (two-sided) scanning.

Recognize documents online

After you finish scanning, you can recognize the document and save it as a Microsoft Word file, a searchable PDF file, or as a plain text file.

This will allow you to get not just simply recognized text, but text with the formatting of the original document. Text position, font size, and indentations are retained. Recognition in a number of languages is supported: English, German, Spanish, French, Czech, Dutch and many others.

ScanPapyrus uses an OCR cloud service that is constantly being improved, which always allows you to get document recognition of the highest quality.

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Sort pages automatically

ScanPapyrus recognizes page numbers and automatically sorts pages in the proper order. This means you can scan pages in any order!

For example, you can unbind a book and scan all of its loose pages. Or, when scanning a document using an ADF, you can scan one side of each sheets together, and then the other side. After that, ScanPapyrus will easily restore the proper page order. This way, you can quickly create a digital document in PDF format with all pages back in order.

Use post-processing for all pages at once

With ScanPapyrus, you can process multiple pages at once. You don’t need to apply adjustments individually to each page, because ScanPapyrus allows you to apply a group adjustment operation to multiple pages at once!

For example, you can manually select a cropping area on one page, and then apply the same operation to all pages in the project. Likewise, you can apply automatic cropping, automatic contrast adjustment, automatic splitting of a pair of facing pages into two single pages, or other operations to multiple pages.

Load scanned images

If you already have scanned images you can load them to ScanPapyrus for post-processing. ScanPapyrus supports loading images from PDF, DjVu, multi-page TIFF files, and other image formats.

You can add pages to a PDF file, change the order of pages, delete some pages, perform group operations on pages, merge pages. After post-processing, you can save the pages as a new PDF file.

Easily create PDF files

With ScanPapyrus, you can easily save a scanned document to PDF. Lots of settings are available when exporting to PDF: automatic detection of page orientation, extended page scaling and page positioning, created document counting, password protection, and many more.

You can also open an existing PDF document and change it. For example, you can add or delete pages, change the page order, enhance the quality of the pages, and then resave the PDF document.

Compress PDF files

Some online services, such as banks and the internal revenue service (IRS), set a limit on the size of each submitted PDF file. ScanPapyrus can compress a PDF document to your specified file size. When creating a PDF document, simply specify the desired output file size (for example, 2 MB), and ScanPapyrus will compress each document page to keep the file size within that limit.

Choose your language

ScanPapyrus supports a variety of languages: English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Czech, Slovenian, Estonian, Russian, Belarusian, Hungarian, Armenian, Chinese, Korean, Turkish, and Arabic.

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ScanPapyrus is compatible with all kinds of flatbed scanners and multifunction devices, including Kyocera, Epson, Canon, Hewlett-Packard, Brother, Samsung, Xerox, and Mustek.
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It’s easy to install ScanPapyrus. You can install it like any other Windows application.
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ScanPapyrus is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, 7, 8/8.1, and Windows 10. It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows.

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Thousands of people and businesses all over the world have chosen ScanPapyrus as their everyday scanning application. ScanPapyrus is also used in government agencies and private companies.

Plattsburgh Public Library
Plattsburgh Public Library, Plattsburgh, New York, US
Oak View Apartments
Oak View Apartments, Visalia, California, US
AAA Storage
AAA Storage, Helena, Montana, US
Detweiller Marina
Detweiller Marina, Peoria, Illinois, US
Land Oberösterreich
Land Oberösterreich, Linz, Austria
Manipur University
Manipur University, Imphal, Manipur, India
Baltic Shipping Services
Baltic Shipping Services, Riga, Latvia
Planet Auto Group
Planet Auto Group, Mooresville, North Carolina, US
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Szkoła Podstawowa nr 63 im. Anny Jasińskiej, Wrocław, Poland
Medical GPSsanté , Clermont-Ferrand, France
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Black Hills Works, Rapid City, South Dakota, US
Goodfellow, The Wood Specialist, Montreal, Canada