How to recognize a scanned document or book

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A scanned document is a set of images saved in a chosen format. For instance, the DjVu and TIFF formats are designed for storing images only, unlike the PDF format - this format can store both images and text. It may often be sufficient for you to save whole scanned pages as a PDF file without text recognition. In this case, you leave the appearance of the source document maximally unchanged without any of the distortions in the recognition of the text.

If you want to recognize a document, ScanPapyrus allows you to use an OCR cloud services.

You will need an Internet connection to perform text recognition. Furthermore, access to the service is not free of charge by online services. In order to use the recognition you need to create an account on the service's website and connect it to ScanPapyrus.


This company's recognition algorithms have been developed for years and are perhaps the best in the world. They rarely make mistakes during recognition, retain as much formatting as possible and recognition does not take much time.

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The OCR Web Service is built on high accuracy automated optical character recognition (OCR) technology with up to 99% accurate. This increased accuracy greatly reduces the need for post-recognition proof reading and correction.

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