Frequently asked questions

  1. ScanPapyrus refuses to scan my document and displays the message saying that scanning has been canceled. How can I fix the problem?

    Try following the steps below.

    1. Check ScanPapyrus’ settings to make sure that you have selected the correct scanner. To do it, click the Select the scanner button and check the scanner selected. If the scanner selection window is empty, it means there are no scanner drivers installed in your system. In that case, you need to install the driver for your scanner.

    2. If more than one installed scanner driver is available for your scanner, select the TWAIN driver (not WIA).

    3. Make sure that the correct paper source is selected: “Flatbed” or “Automatic document feeder (ADF).” If your scanner is not equipped with a feeder, do not select the “Automatic document feeder (ADF)” option, otherwise a message saying that scanning has been canceled will appear.

    4. Reinstall the scanner driver. You can find it on the CD-ROM that came with the scanner, or you can download it from the scanner vendor’s website.

    5. Try turning your scanner off, and then on again. If your scanner doesn’t have a power button, disconnect its USB cable from the computer, and then reconnect it again.

    6. Try scanning something using MS Paint (the default image editor in Windows). If scanning works fine when using Paint, try enabling the “Scan with preview” option in ScanPapyrus.

  2. ScanPapyrus scans incorrectly. How can I fix the problem?

    Most likely, the problem is caused by using the WIA driver. For best results, always use the TWAIN driver.

  3. How can I limit the scan area? My document covers only a small part of the scanner glass. How can I avoid scanning the entire scanner glass area?

    You can limit the scan area to one of these page sizes: A4, A5, or A6. Click the Select Scanner button and select the page size in the drop-down menu.

    Notice that the scanner starts scanning from the point indicated by the arrow, so you need to position the corner of your document on that point.

  4. How can I make ScanPapyrus scan all sheets loaded into the feeder? For some reason, it only scans the first one, and then stops.

    We added support for an automatic document feeder (ADF) only in ScanPapyrus 16.17.1, the latest version. You can download it from our website. Please make sure that you are using the latest version of ScanPapyrus.

    To use the ADF, select Automatic document feeder (ADF) in the Paper Source settings in ScanPapyrus.

    Load your document into the ADF, and then click the Scan Page button. After that, the scanner will scan all the pages loaded in the ADF. If the scanner refuses to scan, make sure that you have selected the TWAIN driver for your scanner: Click the Select Scanner button and then select the item with your scanner’s name but without the WIA prefix.

  5. Can I use book scanners like Fujitsu ScanSnap or Agfa SnapScan, or cameras like Canon or Nikon?

    ScanPapyrus has been designed for use with a flatbed scanner or multifunction device (scanner/printer/copier). Please see the List of tested scanners. That section contains a partial list of supported devices. If your device isn’t listed there, feel free to test it for compatibility with ScanPapyrus.

    Unfortunately, ScanPapyrus currently doesn’t support any digital cameras, but it supports webcams. For example, you can use the webcam in your laptop with ScanPapyrus.

  6. I’d like to buy ScanPapyrus, but I want to be sure that it will work with my scanners: Canon MF5700 and Epson Perfection 3200 Photo. How can I check it?

    If you want to test ScanPapyrus with your scanners before buying it, no problem! ScanPapyrus comes with a 30-day free trial period, so you can thouroughly test it for compatibility with your scanner before making a purchasing decision.

  7. When I click the “Extract from PDF” button, ScanPapyrus loads document pages as images, not normal document pages containing text that I could easily select and copy. What’s the problem?

    While some PDF files consist of pages containing normal (selectable) text, others may consist of scanned pages (page images). ScanPapyrus can only handle PDF files that consist of scanned pages (page images). That is, it treats each image in the PDF file as a document page.

  8. Can ScanPapyrus automatically sort all the scanned pages in the proper order? I mean the following: (1) One-sided or two-sided (duplex) scanning of loose booklet pages. (2) One-sided scanning of a pack of double-sided sheets using an automatic document feeder. (For example, first you scan all the even pages. After that, you flip the pack to scan all the odd pages.)

    Yes, we added this ability to ScanPapyrus in version 17.0. You can scan all the pages of a document or book in any order, and then launch the page sorting operation to sort them by page number.

  9. Can ScanPapyrus recognize text in a scanned page?

    Currently, there is no such feature in ScanPapyrus, but we are planning to add it in the near future.

  10. How can I update ScanPapyrus? When I try to install the latest version, I get a message saying that ScanPapyrus is already installed.

    When a new version becomes available, ScanPapyrus will prompt you to download and install it. You don’t need to uninstal the old version of ScanPapyrus before installing a new one.

    1. Download the new version of ScanPapyrus (the installer is called scanpapyrus.exe).
    2. Run the installer.
    3. When a message saying that ScanPapyrus is already installed (that is, its folder already exists) appears, click Yes.

    The new version of ScanPapyrus will be installed.

  11. ScanPapyrus says that my project (the .scppy file) is corrupted and cannot open it. How can I fix the problem?

    If your ScanPapyrus project got corrupted, you can try to extract pages from it. A .scppy file is essentially a Zip archive with a proprietary extension. Change the corrupted project file’s extension to .zip, and then try opening it with an application that can handle Zip archives. For example, you can use the 7-Zip archiver (it’s free for commercial use). 7-Zip can extract files even from damaged archives. After that, you can load the extracted pages into ScanPapyrus as images by selecting Add Images.

  12. When scanning a book, ScanPapyrus has arranged the scanned pages in the wrong order. The right pages are now on the left, and vice versa. What’s the problem?

    When scanning a book, ScanPapyrus can split a pair of facing pages into two single pages, but you need to position the book properly on the scanner glass. Normally, you need to orient the book in such a way that its side is turned to you, and then put the facing pages on the scanner glass. If you place the book upside down, the scanned pages will be arranged in the wrong order (and turned upside down, too). So either position the book on the scanner glass in such a way that the splitting operation works correctly, or instruct ScanPapyrus to rotate the book spread 180 degrees before splitting it into pages.

  13. Could you please add a new feature?

    We are always happy to receive requests for new features! If we believe that the requested feature is useful, we’ll try to add it in the future. If you have a suggestion for improving the functionality of ScanPapyrus, feel free to send it to our email address: