Save the document to a folder


This dialog box allows you to export scanned pages to multiple image files (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, or BMP), or to one multi-page TIFF file.

  • Use the Folder field to select a folder to save images. To select a folder, click the field or the three-dots button on the right.

  • Use the Image Format listbox to select the output file format. The following formats are available: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, or BMP.

    When saving to JPEG, you can set the image quality from 50% to 100%. The default quality is 85%.

    When saving to TIFF, you can select an image compression algorithm:

    • LZW, RLE – Can be used for any images.
    • JPEG – Can be used for any images, except for black-and-white ones.
    • CCITT Group 4 – Can be used for black-and-white images only.

    You can also save images to a multi-page TIFF file by checking the Multipage TIFF file checkbox.

  • The File Prefix field allows you to define the names of the output files.

    If a file with the specified name already exists, ScanPapyrus will add an additional number enclosed in round brackets to the filename.

  • The File Counter control group allows you to set up a counter, the value of which will be appended to each file's name.

    • The Start From field determines the initial value of the file counter, that is, the number to be appended to the first file's name.
    • The Width field determines how many digits will be appended to each file's name. For example, if you specify 003, the file names will be like IMAGE_001.jpg, IMAGE_002.jpg, IMAGE_003.jpg, ..., IMAGE_999.jpg, IMAGE_1000.jpg, IMAGE_1001.jpg, etc.
  • The Add Date checkbox appends the current date to each file's name.

    You can select one of the following date formats:

    • Year-Month-Day – The date appended to each file name will look like 2017-12-31.
    • Day-Month-Year – like 31-12-2017.
    • Month-Day-Year – like 12-31-2017.
    • d-MMM – like 25-Dec.
    • d-MMMM-yy – like 25-December-17.
    • d-MMMM – like 25-December.
    • MMMM yy – like December 25.
  • If the Open the folder after saving images to it checkbox is checked, the folder will be opened in Windows Explorer.

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